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Hearing Aid


At Loat Eyecare we supply and fit a wide range of hearing solutions.

We only supply the very latest technology from each manufacturer.  You need never worry that you could have bought something more up to date.

The price is the same for the smallest hearing aid available as well as the largest, so we do not penalise those who wish a cosmetic solution or those who may wish a hearing aid that is easier to handle and maintain. The price difference reflects the differences in technology within the aid which in turn reflects their performance in background noise. 

Even the best technology may be of little help without the support of a comprehensive aftercare package, which is included with every hearing aid purchase.

Our comprehensive aftercare package provides:

  • Aftercare for life

  • 6 monthly check ups

  • Unlimited adjustments

  • Annual retests

  • Free wax removal whilst your aids are in warranty


We offer a full range of supplies and accessories to complement and maintain your hearing aids.

We can supply:

  • TV Links

  • Remote Controls

  • Batteries

  • Wax Guards

  • Domes

Speak to our audiologist about the right accessories for your hearing aid.

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