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Sunlight and UV


Don’t forget that sunglasses aren’t just for the summer!

When the sun shines, you automatically reach for the shorts, sun cream and sunglasses. But did you know that your eyes should be protected from damage all year round – not just during the summer months?


The reality is that while there are some health benefits to sun exposure, including increased production of serotonin (the feel-good hormone) vitamin D, too much sunlight can have harmful effects on your skin and eyes. UV rays can cause both short-term and long-term problems.


In the short-term, your eyes can suffer from a form of sunburn known as photokeratitis. This is a temporary condition that can be very painful while it lasts, causing redness and a gritty sensation in the eyes. In the longer term, however, increased exposure to UV light significantly increases your risk of developing conditions like age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts.


Here at Loat Opticians, we offer a great range of sunglasses from top brands like Calvin Klein, Nautica, and Lacoste. All of these familiar names have been chosen for their excellent quality and durability, as well as their classic and fashionable appearances, so you can be certain you’re looking great whilst keeping your eyes protected.

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Everything you need to know about UV

Our eyes are exposed to UV radiation 365 days a year, even on cloudy days.

Only half of total UV radiation comes directly from the sun

the rest is transmitted through clouds in the atmosphere and reflected off the surfaces around us like roads, walls, water, snow, sand).

Even with our backs to the sun or in the shade

UV rays can reach our eyes.

Children are particularly sensitive to bright light

they have larger pupils and more transparent ocular media than adults (the cornea, the aqueous humor, the crystalline lens and the vitreous humor). UV radiation may be harmful for the anterior part of the eye: cornea and crystalline lens.

For better road safety, it’s important to protect our eyes while driving

especially to reduce glare that can slow both detection and reaction times

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Sunlight & UV: Services
Sunlight & UV: Services

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